The key to happiness is the Valencian Paella. You do not believe it? We explain it to you in this article.

Why does Valencian Paella make us happier?

It turns out that the cause is the characteristic yellow color of this delicious Valencian delicacy.

This follows from a study carried out by «The Happy Egg Company» in the United Kingdom.

Valencian paella

Valencian paella

What exactly does the study say?

Okay, to be completely honest, the study indicates that the yellow color in food makes us feel happier, followed by reddish tones.

In addition, a list emerges from the study, where the omelette occupies the first place, followed by macaroni with cheese and bananas.

Paella con Bogavante

Paella with Lobster

What types of paella are there?

There are many variants of the paella, the most common being those that we expose here.

  • Valencian paella: prepared with a stir-fried garlic, onion, pepper and tomato.
  • Meat paella: one of the most common and very similar to Valencian paella, but made with chicken.
  • Fish paella: typical dish in beach areas.
  • Mixed paella: in this case, meat and fish are mixed in a delicious preparation.
  • Lobster paella: one of the most selected variants. We provide you a recipe for paella with lobster (in Spanish).

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